Design Projects: 3D Prints to CNC

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Longboard Footstops:

Longboard footstops are pretty important, beyond the regular safety gear that may be required when boarding, footstops are meant to help keep your forward foot in place and get just a little more leverage on your speed when pedaling. Footstops come in all different shapes and sizes. OnBoard FinalDesign The footstop shown to the right is one of the first drafts of the design. It has a 90° bevel with a knurled body. It is a simple design, and have since moved onto other designs. Shown on the left are footstops that have yet to be cut apart is the final design. The G-Code, which is how a CNC Machine and 3D Printer is ran, was modified from the one shown on the longboard to have a more conical body, a smooth bevel on the top edge.

Coilgun Project:

One of my oldest projects looking back towards HighSchool but extending past, this is a coil meant to fire a projectile. We have yet do really understand and calculate the physics of an electromagnetic coil, but once we have done this we will be able to achieve a more efficient coil, with the proper voltage. Powered by a disposable camera, and a daisy chain of camera capacitors; we are able to fire a ball bearing or even a slim nail through the copper wrapped plastic coil. We have found out at about 1 FT after being fired, it has the power of around 11 Joules.
Eventually we plan on also installing various stages of coils, and to ultimately turn the coilgun into a rifle-like appearance. In order to achieve a staged coil, it would require a fairly sensitive optical sensor and the appropriate distance must be calculated in order for it to fire the next coil correctly as well as knowing the speed of the projectile. This will require us to move away from the disposable camera design, and move to something with that provides a more serious amount of power. Due to this project still being in development, we will not be showing any pictures.