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Jason Yerke's final lab
Crazy Horse

Sandy my wife
Sandy's Great Grand parents 50th wedding anniversary Sandy's Great Grand parents 50th wedding anniversary

Here is a picture of my wife Sandy Yerke. Looking back in her family history, I have discovered that she may be related to the famous Chief Crazy Horse. Here is what was found about her Native American heritage. Her mother was Delores Julia DeSersa whos parents were Selma Evenson and Leo William DeSersa. Sandy's Grandfather Leo DeSersa's parents were Mitchell and Josephine-Rogers DeSersa. Mitchell was the son of Charles and Julia Jumping Woman DeSersa. Julia Jumping Woman DeSersa was part of the Rusebud indian tribe. Charles parents were Alex and Susie DeSersa (Sandy's Great Great Great Grandparents). Susie was also part of the Rosebud tribe. In some way we think she is somehow related to Black Elk as well who is a Lakota holy man, but not totally sure. The image on the left was taken at Sandy's Great Grandparents Michell and Josephine's 50th wedding Anniversary. The same with the picture on the right. The two images on the bottom of the page are of her Grandfather Leo DeSersa and mother Delores DeSersa's grave. Her grandfather passed away on July 4th 1959 and Sandy's mother passed away June 7th 1996. Her Grandmather Selma Evenson passed away March of 2007.

Sandys Grandpa's grave stone Sandy's mothers grave stone