Warrior's Way

The Smaurai was the soldier of the eastern part of the world back in the medieval times. They were the front line warriors who defended their lands with power and style. The weapons that the Samurai had are both the same and different from the Knights weapons. The Samurai weapons were long, slim and cut through almost anything with ease. The Katana and the Wakzashi are rounded swords with one sharp side, compared to the Knights swords that were double sided. This made the fighter use this sword in a kind of "dance" when he was fighting. It was used with much more dexterity over strength. They would have had to think ahead and plan their strikes and the way they move their body to best get through the enemy's defence. The Katana and Wakizashi were wielded on the opposite side of the warriors dominate side, like most blades. The way they were equipped made it easy for a Samurai to pull the weapon out and strike swiftly in one, smooth motion. This gave the Samurai the element of surprise.