New Plans for Past Places

            There are not too many times when an opportunity arises that will create changes in almost every area of your life. The
    biggest challenge seems to lie in making all the right decisions. When the option arose for me to sell my properties it was
    not an easy decision to make. I purchased the property in 1989, and moved
    my business onto this location and at the same time began
    renovations to try and bring it up-to-date. The previous owners had
    occupied the residense since 1914. The house needed a lot of work.

            My husband and I have a passion for old houses, so we got busy
    and sanded down floors, updated the wiring, ripped wallpaper and
    linoleum out, put in a furnace, replaced the plumbing and on and on.
    We are not even near being finished, and many of the remaining
    renovations will be expensive. Weighing everything out, we decided
    to make the sale and move my business to a different location.

            We purchased a building on Hennepin Ave., which at one time
    used to be a Theater. There will be a complete renovation
    bringing everything up to code and then we will make the big move.
    If everything goes according to the plan, I will be established in my
    new salon by October 1, 2012.

            The white house on the property is an Apartment house where some very nice tenants live. We will be moving his house
    to a new location.

   Opportunities bring challenges.

  1. Big Decision
    1. Should I sell or should I keep?
    2. Do I want to reinvest or take the money and run?
      • Am I old enough to retire?
      • Do I want to work for someone else?
      • Will I get hit with capital gains tax?
      • What types of investments are paying right now?
    3. Am I "OK" with having a structure demolished?
    4. Is relocating my business a good idea?
  2. Big Project
  3. Big Controversy
  4. Big Responsibility
            It is bittersweet to have this opportunity with a positive outcome, and at the same time have conflicting, not so positive
    decisions to make.