Welcome to my hobby world of collectibles. Over 25 years ago I started collecting owls. Why owls? They were intriguing to me - both in their wisdom and their beauty. That interest in owls led me to find the world of Boyd's Glass Factory, a manufacturer of glass owls.

Then, in 1994, I received a gift of a Boyd Dollstone. I believe it was fate, that the Victorian figurine happened to also be manufactured by a company named Boyd, of which there is no relationship between the Boyd Glass Factory, and Boyd, Inc. which makes a variety of figurines and dolls.

My other interest stems from the world of advertising collectibles. My family is from the small west-central Minnesota town of Rothsay. A little dot on the map - but a very large part of my life. I started collecting memoriablia from Rothsay, at a serious level, after I lost my job - it helped to have a reinvigorated interest to take my mind off of losing my job. My family attends lots of auction sales in the area, and they watch for various types of Rothsay advertising items.

This web site will introduce you to my world of collectibles, and explain a little about both the Boyd Glass Company and the Boyd, Inc., as well as show you some examples of my collection.

Boyd's Owls Boyd Owl These pages will introduce you to the world of the Boyd Glass Factory and give you examples of the variety of colors and molds produced by Boyds.
Boyds Dollstones Boyd DollstoneThese pages will introduce you to Boyd's Inc., maker of unique figurines, plush animals, and dolls.
Rothsay Advertising Collectibles Rothsay Prairie Chicken Here you will find information about the town of Rothsay, and see some examples of the unique advertising items collected over the years.