Rockin' Fest!
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Mountain View
Rockin' Fest is a new outdoor concert that has been created for this coming summer in 2016! Rockin' Fest will be upcoming to your city if you live in, Walker-Minnesota, California City-California, and Chicago-Illinois. There will be a few other small bands playing in between each show. Fridays feature Nickelback, Highly Suspect, and Black Stone Cherry. Saturdays feature ACDC and Motley Crue.

(Walker, MN) June 21 Nickelback(12:00pm) Highly Suspect(3:00pm) Black Stone Cherry(6:00pm)
(Walker, MN) June 22 AC/DC(2:00pm) Motley Crue(5:00pm)
(CA City, CA) July 23 Nickelback(1:00pm) Highly Suspect(4:00pm) Black Stone Cherry(8:00pm)
(CA City, CA) July 24 AC/DC(2:30pm) Motley Crue(5:30pm)
(Chicago, IL) August 26 Nickelback(1:30pm) Highly Suspect(4:30pm) Black Stone Cherry(8:30pm)
(Chicago, IL) August 27 AC/DC(1:30pm) Motley Crue(4:30pm)