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  The Black Hills of South Dakota




A bit of history and What to do in the black hills region of SD?

The Black Hills, Badlands, and Lakes Region of South Dakota, offers majestic granite spires, pine covered peaks and unique rock outcroppings.
Named “Paha Sapa” by the Native Americans, the Black Hills are full of scenery, adventure and rich history.
With one of the largest concentrations of national parks, monuments and caves in the Midwest, you’re sure to discover the places
that capture the spirit of America when you vacation in the Black Hills and Badlands of South Dakota.

America's oldest mountains rose above the surrounding flatlands 60 million years ago, about the time the dinosaurs disappeared,
and even after eons of erosion their granite peaks still soar as high as 7,242 feet to the dizzying heights of Harney Peak.
The Lakota Sioux named the area Paha Sapa or Black Hills because a thick forest of pine and spruce trees cover the slopes making them appear black from a distance.

Black Hills National Forest stretches for 1.2 million acres, offering outdoor adventures like hiking, biking and camping amidst stunning scenery.
You will find grassy mountain meadows, towering granite peaks, deep canyons, cascading trout streams, and clear, clean lakes.

There are so many attractions in and around the Black Hills that you can check out - including Mt. Rushmore and Deadwood, SD.
I have been to each of the main attractions and places in June 2012, and let me tell you, they were fun places.

Make sure you plan on taking several days to a week or even more on staying because there is so much to do and see in the Black Hills.

Home Page Mt. Rushmore Crazy Horse Sturgis, SD Deadwood, SD Caves