Welcome to the cellar of Michael Paul Wines

The wines here are all home made in the Midwest one bottle at a time.
If your looking for a great hobby, you have come to the right place.
Take a look around and see for yourself. Wine making can be very rewarding and besides you get to drink your work.


logo Currently I have only 3 types of wine in the cellar. Merlot, Lambrusco and White Zinfandel. With a new flavor (California Red) soon to be racked.

For further details on my wines please read the descriptions below and click on each of the links.


logo A range of fresh flavors such as plums, cherries, blueberries and blackberries mixed with black pepper tones, typically dominate this smooth red wine. The tannin levels are fairly low and the fruit flavors are typically very forward - making this a prime wine candidate for consumers just "getting into" red wines. Merlot is often used to blend with other varieties, such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. By blending Merlot with these wines, a symbiotic relationship can exist. The Cabs are softened, mellowed a bit and the Merlot is better structured and defined.


logo It's delightfully refreshing, with a sparkle-enlivened bouquet that can vary from fruity with pleasant vinous overtones to floral with hints of violets and heather. On the palate it is zesty, with nice fruit flavors and a clean finish. Since it is relatively acidic, it goes especially well with foods that are oily or contain mayonnaise (grilled sausages, potato salad, etc).

White Zinfandel

logo White Zinfandel wine is made from the red Zinfandel grape, but the grape skins are quickly removed after they are crushed so there is significantly less contact time with the heavily pigmented red grape skin, resulting in a pink/rose colored wine, instead of a deep red wine.

California Red

logo A light-bodied wine that will have fewer tannins present and less presence on the palate. These wines tend to have less demanding after taste with flavor-filled foods.

This web site is intended for making wine at home for your own consumption only. NOT FOR RESALE! However you can give as a gift.