Pentacle Celtic Witch Weave Triple Crescent


      Witchcraft, in various historical, religious and mythical contexts, is the use of certain kinds of alleged supernatural or magical powers. A witch is a person who practices witchcraft, and may be male or female. In historical, mythological and demonological contexts a male "witch" is more frequently termed a wizard, sorcerer, warlock, or simply a magician.

      Practitioners of Neo pagan witchcraft generally refer to themselves as "witches," regardless of their sex, and shun the term "warlock" as denoting a witch who has broken their oaths and betrayed their fellows.

      The term witchcraft can have positive or negative connotations depending on cultural context. For instance, in post-Christian European cultures it has historically been associated with dualistic notions of evil and the Devil. While most modern practitioners see it as beneficent and morally positive.

      I have learned that the more I study different religions, the more I see them in a whole different light. And through discussions with many others about the controversial viewpoints of witches, the more I notice that most people have absolutely no education on the subject whatsoever. I have been associated with such a colorful blend of cultures and religions that I would like to shed a smidgen of light on others.

      And this could provide a smidgen of entertainment too.