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Today Gibson has a committment to the best specifications of vintage instruments and a vigorous program to make each new Gibson Instrument the best it can be. Gibson's research and development team is dedicated to both Gibson history and innovation, expanding traditional product lines and invented new ones. Guitars like the Les Paul Classic use traditional technology, while instruments like the M-3 set new standards in functional shapes and creative use of electronics. Acoustic instruments and banjos have also been evaluated, historic models have been revived, and new designs have also been created. In 1990, Gibson opened a state of the art facility for acoustic production in Bozeman, Montana where the dry climate made building conditions ideal. Gibson has been in business for nearly 110 years. Then and now, Gibson products offer an unbeatable combination or performance and value for any musical purpose. Continuing in the tradition of providing "American Guitars - Built by American Musicians" each Gibson is an investment in your musical future, and an example of one of the greatest traditions in music history.