CST / MMDT1021 HTML and the Web


Course Syllabus:

Instructional Guide:



HTML for the World Wide Web 5th Edition

Required Text:
HTML for the World Wide Web
5th Edition
HTML Guide Optional Reference Guide:
HTML Guide
Credits: 2
1 Lecture, 1 Lab,
0 On the Job Training.

Prerequisites: None

Department: Computer Systems Technology

Instructor: Allen Benusa
Phone: 320-234-8547
E-mail: allen.benusa@ridgewater.edu


This course is designed to give students the basic skills they need to design their own web pages. Students are given the skills they need to write, understand, and use HTML code in the creation of web pages. Course content addresses topics such as the use of HTML coding, HTML versions, browser differences, page layout, and design elements. In addition students will navigate the World Wide Web and understand how web pages are designed. This is done through the use of textbook study and hands-on structured labs assigned by the instructor.