CST / MMDT1021 HTML and the Web

This course is designed to give students the basic skills they need to design their own web pages. Students are given the skills they need to write, understand, and use HTML code in the creation of web pages. Course content addresses topics such as the use of HTML coding, HTML versions, browser differences, page layout, and design elements. In addition students will navigate the World Wide Web and understand how web pages are designed. This is done through the use of textbook study and hands-on structured labs assigned by the instructor.  (Prerequisites: None) (2 Credits) (1 Lecture, 1 Lab, 0 On the Job Training.)

This course focuses on hands-on writing of HTML formatted documents. Students will create their own web site using HTML coding to create a layout of textual and simple audio-visual design elements.

1. HTML for the World Wide Web 5th Edition (Student supplied textbook)
2. Computer system with Win9x or better. (School or Student supplied equipment)
3. Course Instructional Guide (Online)

See this link for additional course expectations.

Student objectives and evaluations are translated to a percentage and the percentages to grades. A score of 70% is passing. The following percentage distribution guarantees the following grade: A:93%+, A-:90%+, B+:87%+, B:83%+, B-:80%+, C+:77%+, C:73%+, C-:70%+, NC:<70%

This course is lecture/lab based. The CST / MMDT Instructors will deliver the lectures, as well as supervise the lab.  The student is expected to spend at least 32 hours per credit in self study and 16 hours per credit with direction from instructors and/or instructional guides and testing.  This a two credit course, so an average student is expected to spend approximately 96 hours completing this course, which includes lectures and lab.  All lectures will be scheduled, with that schedule posted online.

The following is a detailed syllabus of tasks to be learned and satisfactorily performed for successful course completion. These goals are directly related to the content and course schedule. The student will learn the following:


  1. Explore browsers and the web
  2. Identify basic building blocks of HTML
  3. Designate a home page
  4. Create a new web page
  5. View web page in a browser
  6. Create a head and body
  7. Organize the page with paragraphs
  8. Adjust the text format: font, style, size
  9. Change the text colors
  10. Add special effects to the text
  11. Discuss image file size and the web
  12. Create a GIF image
  13. Create a JPEG image
  14. Create a PNG image
  15. Insert image on web page
  16. Wrap text around images
  17. Align images on web page
  18. Add a banner
  19. Add horizontal rule
  20. Specify margin and indents
  21. Center elements on the page
  22. Use background color and images
  23. Create a link to another web page
  24. Create and link to an anchor
  25. Create an image map
  26. Change the color of links
  27. Create inline styles
  28. Create an internal style sheet
  29. Create an external style sheet
  30. Create a layout with styles
  31. Create an ordered list
  32. Create an unordered list
  33. Create a definition list
  34. Create a table
  35. Set the width of table cells
  36. Change the background of table cells
  37. Insert content into table cells
  1. Plan a web site
  2. Sketch the site on paper.
  3. Present finished web site to class.


It is Ridgewater College policy to provide on a flexible and individualized basis services to students who have disabilities, in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. Reasonable accommodations can be provided after registering with the Office of Disability Services. Please contact the Disability Services Coordinator on your campus to discuss your accommodation needs: Jay Morrison on the Willmar Campus, @320-222-8040 (jay.morrison@ridgewater.edu), or Terry Grinde on the Hutchinson Campus, @320-234-8650 (terry.grinde@ridgewater.edu). This publication is available in alternative formats upon request. Students with hearing or speech disabilities may contact us via their preferred Telecommunications Relay Service. Please allow adequate time for the college to respond to your request.

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