Lab Assignment
"Web Project"
The basis for this assignment will come from the previous assignment, "Planning Web Project".

The final web site project must be a direct implementation of your previous assignment.  Additional material and minor changes are acceptable.  Topic changes or major redesigns are discouraged.

Have your name in the title of the first page, or have your name in comments somewhere at the beginning of the html code of the first page.

The first page in your website should have the filename of "index.htm".

All the pages in the site should have the same basic "look and feel" so that the site looks whole, complete, and professional.  Same "look and feel" means that in general, fonts, colors, layouts, etc, look similar and contiguous between all the pages on the site.

Make sure your site looks good at various resolutions.  Make sure your web site displays properly at an 800 X 600 pixel resolution.  You can do this by resizing your browser window or changing the screen resolution of your computer for testing.

All of your html and image files must be contained within one project folder.  You may have subfolders under the project folder if you wish for organizational purposes.  Please do not give me extraneous files that are not used in your web site.  I do not want extra graphic files and other temporary files that you may have created.  By giving me a copy of your project folder, I should have everything that I need to see your web site.

Test, Test, Test!  Put your files on a floppy and test on another computer before presenting to the class.  This is extremely important!

Things to keep in mind:

  • This web project is your final exam!
  • Spend the time necessary to do a great job and to have a professional looking site.
  • Consistent look and feel across the site. 
  • Use your creative skills. 
  • You may wish to incorporate graphics that you created in your other classes.
  • Test your site thoroughly in both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.
  • This may be a project that you want to include in your portfolio.
  • And most of all...  have fun!

Sample student web projects from the past year to get design and topic ideas from.

Bring you web site to class on either a CD or a floppy diskette.

Present completed web project to the rest of the class.  You will have the use of the electronic Robotel system or a projector (1024 X 768 resolution).

Your project will be graded and returned to you. (This assignment is worth 40 points)

Grading criteria:

Criteria Points
Finished web site was an implementation of the "Planning Web Project" assignment. 5
Consistent look and feel across the site. 2
Site has no broken links or missing images. 5
Site views properly at various resolutions. 2
Presentation of web site to class. 5
Navigation structure clear and consistent. 2
Text displayed in a different font, size, and color. 1
A background color or a background image is used. 1
At least 5 images. 5
At least one ordered or an unordered list. 1
At least one table. 1
Page 1 content. 1
Page 2 content. 1
Page 3 content. 1
Page 4 content. 1
Page 5 content. 1
Assignment in on time. 5