This webpage has been the subject of daydreams for my sister, Beth, and I since I started learning to program. We've always been interested in herbs, plants, folktales, folk medicine, and nature. When Beth decided to persue a herbology degree she discovered that much of the information out on the internet left us with more questions than answers. Wouldn't it be nice if someone created a database of locations, pictures, and stories of herbs? It is my hope that someday this site will fullfill the daydreams of many who are intensely courious about herbs.More about us...

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Plant Herbs to Boost your Yard’s Ecosystem

~Debbie Menchek~Each yard has its own ecology. Based on what we do to improve our soil, how much we irrigate, what we plant and what chemicals we use, the ecosystem in every homeowner’s yard is different. As homeowners, each of us has the ability to affect and improve the health and diversity of the ecosystem in our yard.Read the full article.

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Kyle S. captured this beautiful photo of a butterfly in his window garden in Missouri.