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Nathan Hedglin


                  This is Conlang Hub. A place for conlangs and conlangers to congregate to share ideas and languages

  Conlang: Constructed or created language. These constructed
languages (conlangs) are done for pure enjoyment, but sometimes
like in the movie Avatar a conlang like Na'vi can be part of media. Constructed
languages are great mental exercises, fun, challenging, and they teach
the basics of linguistics. I personally have been conlanging since
around the age of 12 (maybe sooner but not sure). I've created dozens of languages
which accompany a fantasy world/novel I started long before the languages
filled with different races, history and cultures. So whether you just learned what
conlangs are or you've been doing it longer than I come join us! You
might have fun and learn a thing or two.

  Daza Ke'mo
Is a conlang that has been in development for
awhile now. I originally started a conlang named Dzaki kuloi
which was to be the lingua franca of the inhabitants of velun but soon
become a project with my friend Anatolij.
Check out daza now!

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