About Us

     New Slough Shorthairs is a family, not a kennel. (We chose the name after returning much of our land to its natural state, which included a slough in the back acreage.) Our dogs live life with us both in the home and in the field. Our promise to you is that your puppy will be loved from the moment it comes into this world.
     Our three dogs live the good life, and your puppy will enjoy that same life as long as it is with us. All puppies are born in our home under loving supervision and remain in the home until their eyes are fully opened and they are too busy to be in their crate. They then move to the barn where it is warm, well lit, and set up just for them. Each day they get outside to play in the yard where they can explore safely. We strive to find loving families for each puppy and reserve the right to refuse a sale at our discretion.

puppy Our three dogs