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Science Fiction

Science fiction is the genre of video games, movies ,and books that explores the idea of what the future could look like. It usually entails some sort of space aspect but that is not always the case. In some cases like the Terminator series it will delve into a post apocalyptic area. Each of these series that I have chosen are my personal favorites. The ones I have chosen are Halo, Mass Effect, Star Trek, Star Wars, and the Terminator Each of these I feel has the most consistent stories and are the most interesting to me. This website will give you condensed information about each universe!

Why I love Science Fiction

  1. It explores what could happen in the future
  2. Alien races and their doctrines always is interesting.
  3. I love space
  4. I like the idea of what could be out there
  5. It explores how interesting for us to be human
  6. Creates a sense of wonder
  7. I love different characters

What qualifies as a Science Fiction Universe

  • It must be in more than one area of media
  • Must have rules that hold the universe together
  • Must have grounds rooted in reality
  • Must be in the future