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Glory Days Vintage Race Team was formed in 2004. Originally the group started with Tim Miller, Josh Miller, Steve Schmoll and Joey Henning. Now the group includes Josh Miller, Abby Markgraf, Dustin Paulson, Zach Dressel, Corey Lehrke and Jon Starnes. The interesting part of our team is that we are a younger generation promoting vintage snowmobile racing. Josh and Steve became interested in the sport by Tim, who raced back in the Glory Days of racing. (late 70's early 80's) The driving forces that keep our team anxious for every season, and makes this such a fun sport to participate in is the camaraderie, friendly competition and willingness to help out fellow racers. With the season being so short due to the length of winter and packing so much racing into a short season it takes a lot of work to keep the snowmobiles on the track ready for the weekend. With all the work to keep the snowmobiles going, our sponsors and anyone who helps is greatly appreciated. To anyone who has helped over the years we would like to say a big Thank You for all your support.