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The Planet Mars

Mars, the red dot that looms in the evening sky, is one of the most sought after planets in NASA's exploration program beyond Earth. Mars has always appealed to the imagination of earthlings. Let's take a look at some of the interesting facts about Mars. Before we go into the real facts about planet Mars, let us explore its position in ancient mythology and legend. Mars is etched into our mythology as the harbinger of war and calamity. Our ancestors connected the happenings on Earth with the patterns they saw in the sky and Mars was somehow singled out as the symbol of war and later God of war in Greek myth as well as in other mythologies world over. This may be due to its red color, which is normally associated with danger! With the invention of the telescope, people observed the red planet up close for the first time. This triggered even more interest as the new facts about Mars changed its status from just a red dot to a planet with the possibility of life on it! Now, at the beginning of the third millennium, man has sent space probes which have landed on the surface of Mars and sent back real pictures of the red planet. Scientific research and exploration is carried out today with the ultimate goal of colonizing the planet Mars! Let us explore the many know facts about mars and the future of mars exploration.