Christopher L. Spears

2/11/92 to 3/02/10



Youth Group


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Christopher was involved in a head on car accident on March 1 of 2010. He was flown to HCMC trauma unit due to a severe head injury. In the early morning of March 2 he was pronounced brain dead. At that time we discussed the option of organ donation. We honored Christopher's wishes to be an organ and tissue donor, which he had selected on his driver's license when he was 16. Throughout this difficult time the Lifesource staff provided support and guidance. We have greatly appreciated their help at the time of his donation as well as the ongoing support they have provided through family donor remembrance programs and picnics. Christopher's love for helping other people was honored in its highest capacity by being an organ donor. Through this he has been a part of saving many lives, improving quality of life and continuing to shine on through them.

Christopher has been involved in many too many things to list here. Although a few of them are mentioned on this site. He was involved with many different youth group activities with the church. This would include traveling to other cities on mission trips helping people out. This didnít limit him to his own church as it was to a few of the local churches that could use his help. He enjoyed being with his friends and enjoying life doing what he enjoyed. It seems that you really know someone when itís too late. We heard from so many people whose lives he touched. Although it does offer some security knowing how many people looked to him for help or consoling. He was one to be truly looked up to for his giving and general outlook on life. There are so many things that could be said about all of the good things he did, that the little bit shown here doesnít do him justice.