Muilenburg Photography

Dave shooting flowers Welcome! My name is Dave Muilenburg, and this is my website dedicated to photography. I first got into photography in 2006. I was going to spend the summer working at a canoe outfitter on the Gunflint Trail in northern Minnesota, and I wanted to be able to document my time and experiences while up there. I did some research and purchased my first digital SLR camera in April 2006. That summer I ended up taking well over 2,000 photos. Most of them weren't so good. But a few stuck out as being a little better than mediocre. I bought a few books about photography techniques and after some practice I noticed a distinct increase in the quantity of photos I took that were of better composition and quality.

I have focused almost exclusively on nature photography because there are less technical details to worry about when composing a photograph. Although I still wouldn't even consider myself an amatuer, photography is a hobby I hope to turn into an expensive, lifelong passion!