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Precht's Miniatures
About It's a Small World Minitaures....

       We are a small breeding facility with the intent to grow both in quality and in quantity.   We have experience on a larger scale - larger horses and bigger numbers, but have decided to focus on our primary interest,  minatures.   We currently only breed out of our stock, but plan to become open to doing public work within the next couple years.   We will offer: our stallions at stud,  standing of stallions owned by customers and foaling out mares for customers.

       We currently train and condition horses for customers for both show and pleasure.   Please see our training and boarding page for more info.   We also try to be involved with the public with our horses by being in parades,  at county fairs and other public events.

Lil Bit - a 32 5 year  old brown mare  Misty's Little Pickle a 33  8 year old sorrel solid (out of appy colored blood) stallion My Black Egyptian a 31  7 year old black stallion

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