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"Pardon Lori Dokken if she doesn't act like a star. She sings like one - belting out old favorites in a smoky-velvet voice. She looks like one, too, with tanned, sculpted cheekbones and a flashy white smile. Dokken is pure entertainer, the way entertainers are supposed to be....her act isn't stale - this woman loves what she does. And what she does is something else... Dokken talks to her audience like she wants to know them better. When she sings, she seems to forget where she is. Her face tells us as much about the lyrics as the words coming out of her mouth, and the energy she puts into each song makes you forget who the original artist was... You'll always be a star to us." -Tricia Booker -Arts Registry 11994 Skyway News, Minneapolis, MN

"Dokken is an eccentric Cabaret performer with an abundance of talent and personality. Her piano playing has as much personality as she does. And her playing, like her singing, is all over the musical spectrum; one number is likely to embrace elements of jazz blues, broadway and classical music... she sings with the clarity of a modern day Judy Collins and sounds like a Broadway version of a husky voiced Laura Nyro ... at times she seems like a race-car driver without a map or brakes. Invariably, her quick wit and equally quick musical instincts save her. She's never less than entertaining." -Jon Bream -Music Critic StarTribune, Minneapolis, MN