Dean Koontz...
Full Name - Dean Ray Koontz. Date of Birth - July 9, 1945, Everett, Pennsylvania. Residence - Orange (Orange Hills), California. Full-time writer, 1969-present Family - Gerda, married October 15, 1966. No Children. Dean Koontz was born and raised in Pennsylvania. His childhood was filled with turmoil and abuse, his father being an alcoholic who was prone to violent outbursts and was eventually diagnosed as being mentally ill. Books became a large part of this, as he found that they could take him into a better world. As a child Koontz desired to create this same escape for others, to give them a world to step into when their own became too harsh.

Books I Have Read by Koontz Ratings: 1-5 stars *****
Intensity * * * *
Tick Tock * * *
False Memory * * * * *
Fear Nothing s * * * * *