Lab Assignment 3-4-21

Create a web page file named lab3.htm.

Title the page "Lab Assignment 3-4-21 - Your Name"

Put your name in the title.

Display each of the lines in the box below as stated by the line.
Display each of them on a new line in the browser (use the <br /> tag).

The finished assignment should look like the example below.

Turn this assignment in.  It will be graded and returned to you.

Grading criteria:

Criteria Points
Correct file name. 1
Correct HEAD  and TITLE structure with student name in the title. 1
Correct BODY structure. 1
Demonstrated change in font face. 1
Demonstrated bold and italics. 1
Demonstrated change in font size. 1
Demonstrated big and small tags. 1
Demonstrated change in font colors. 1
Demonstrated super and subscript. 1
Demonstrated strikeout and underline. 1
Demonstrated monospace text.. 1
Demonstrated blinking text. 1
Demonstrated commented out a line of text. 1
Demonstrated heading of size 2. 1
Demonstrated pop up tool tip. 2
Demonstrated using blockquote to indent text. 1
Demonstrated ability to put four spaces between words. 1
Assignment in on time. 2