Lab Assignment 2
Create a web page file named lab2.htm.

Specify a DOCTYPE as the very first line in the HTML document..

Title the page "Lab Assignment 2 - Your Name"

Put your name in the title.

Use the HTML, HEAD, TITLE, BODY, and P tags to create a document with 4 paragraphs.
The text for the paragraphs are of your own choosing.  Use enough text to demonstrate the alignments.
Use CENTER, LEFT, RIGHT, and JUSTIFY alignments.

Note that you will need to read the first half of Chapter 3 (5th edition) to do this assignment (pages 59-66) to do this assignment.

You have now created a web page.

Your result should be similar to what you see below.

Turn this assignment in.  It will be graded and returned to you.

Grading criteria:

Criteria Points
Correct file name. 1
DOCTYPE is specified. 1
Correct HEAD  and TITLE structure with student name in the title. 1
Correct BODY structure. 1
Demonstrated assignment effectively. 5
Assignment in on time. 1