MMDT1021 Chapter 2 Notes - page 1


Designing Your Site
  1. Plan each page.
    1. Why is this page here?
    2. Who are you communicating with?
    3. What do I need on this page?
    4. Does this page fit with others?
  2. Plan the Navigation.
    1. Link to an index.
    2. Links to related pages.
    3. Links to off-site pages.
  3. Plan the scope.
    1. How many pages?
    2. How many graphics?
  4. Plan page and file naming standard.
    1. No spaces.
    2. Directory structure vs Navigation structure.


Organizing Files
  1. Create a folder to hold all the files on your site.
  2. Create sub-folders that follow page navigation.
  3. Keep folder names as short as you can.


Creating a Web Page
  1. The first page is:
    1. index.html (Unix)
    2. index.htm (DOS/Windows/NetWare)
    3. default.htm or default.asp (IIS)
  2. Create a page
    1. Use your favorite editor.
    2. Do not start with a GUI editor.  Examples of GUI editors are Microsoft FrontPage and Macromedia Dreamweaver.
    3. Basic HTML text editors are BBEdit for the Mac, HomeSite or TextPad for the PC.