Lab Assignment 14
Create a web page file named lab14.htm.

Title the page "Lab Assignment 14 - Your Name"

Put your name in the title.

On the page:

Place the following data in a table with 3 rows and 6 columns with a border="1":

Now make that same table display the data in equal width cells:

Now add the top and side headings to the table, align and format the text
with different levels of boldness and colors:

When the assignment is complete, I should see three tables similar to the ones shown above.
There needs to be at least one line space between the tables.  They should NOT be packed
tight against each other.
Note, the degree symbol in the above ( F).  I want you to have this in your assignment.

You need to turn in this file for credit:

  • lab14.htm

Turn this assignment in.  It will be graded and returned to you.

Grading criteria:

Criteria Points
Correct file name.  Correct HEAD  and TITLE structure with student name in the title. Correct BODY structure. 1
Top table. 2
Middle table with equal cell widths. 2
Bottom table with extra text formatting. 3
Degree () symbol. 1
Assignment in on time. 1