MMDT1021 Chapter 14 Notes - page 6

Controlling Line Breaks in a Cell

Code Result
<table border frame="void" rules="groups">
<colgroup align="right" style="font: 8pt Arial">
<colgroup span="2" align="center">
    <td nowrap>col 1 row 1</td>
    <td nowrap>col 2 row 1</td>
    <td nowrap>col 3 row 1</td>
    <td nowrap>col 1 row 2</td>
    <td nowrap>col 2 row 2</td>
    <td nowrap>col 3 row 2</td>
    <td nowrap>col 1 row 3</td>
    <td nowrap>col 2 row 3</td>
    <td nowrap>col 3 row 3</td>

col 1 row 1 col 2 row 1 col 3 row 1
col 1 row 2 col 2 row 2 col 3 row 2
col 1 row 3 col 2 row 3 col 3 row 3

Speeding up Table Display
  1. Keep tables as small as possible or divide large tables into smaller ones.
  2. Specify the width of tables in pixels.
  3. Use absolute values or percentages for determining cell width.
  4. Only set proportional widths for cells when you have set the absolute table width using pixels.
  5. Divide your table into column groups.