Lab Assignment 13
Create a web page file named lab13.htm.

Title the page "Lab Assignment 13 - Your Name"

Put your name in the title.

On the page:

1 ) On this page set up an ordered list (use <ol> tags) following the classic outline numbering scheme. Create the list below:

  I. First Level 
        A. Second Level 
             1. Third Level 
                  a. Fourth Level 
                         i. Fifth Level 
                        ii. Fifth Level line 2 
                       iii. Fifth Level line 3 
                  b. Fourth Level line 2 
                  c. Fourth Level line 3 
             2. Third Level line 2 
             3. Third Level line 3 
        B. Second Level line 2 
        C. Second Level line 3 
   II. First Level line 2 
  III. First Level line 3 

2) Create an unordered list (use <ul> tags) set using disk, circle, and square types. Create the list below:

  Level One 
      Level Two 
           Level Three 
           Level Three line 2 
           Level Three line 3 
      Level Two line 2 
      Level Two line 3 
 Level One line 2 
 Level One line 3 

3) Create a short term/definition list using a definition list (<dl>). Create the list below:

     Hyper-Text Markup Language 
     Uniform Resource Locator 
     World Wide Web 


You need to turn in this file for credit:

  • lab13.htm

Turn this assignment in.  It will be graded and returned to you.

Grading criteria:

Criteria Points
Correct file name.  Correct HEAD  and TITLE structure with student name in the title. Correct BODY structure. 1
Ordered list. 3
Unordered list. 3
Definition list. 2
Assignment in on time. 1